Solah Shringaar

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For an Indian bride or a Hindu married woman, the importance of solah (16) shringaar is utmost. Specially on her wedding day and all subsequent such ocassions & festivals when she vows to relive all the promises of her wedded life. Different kinds of beauty rituals are associated with the solah shringaar specially on her wedding, all her friends & relatives gather together to put together the bride at her best, with all the adornments consisting of solah shringaar.

Making up the bride with all her adornments consist totally of 16 different adornments, which adorn her from tip to toe and cover every part of her body. This is how she is supposed to be dressed for all the subsequent ocassions after her marriage, specially each Karwa Chauth.

Dressing up for karwachauth, reminds every woman of her wedding day, as this is one day when she dresses up in her wedding attire (i.e. the dress which she wore for her marriage) which can be either her bridal lehenga choli or her bridal saree. The Solah Shringaar consists of the following adornments:-

  • Bindi
  • Sindoor
  • Maangteeka
  • Anjana / Kajal
  • Nath / Nose Ring (attached with Gold Chain)
  • Haar / Necklace / Mangalsootra
  • Karn Phool / Earrings
  • Henna / Mehendi (Hand & Feet)
  • Choodiyan / Bangles (Maroon or Green Color)
  • Baajuband / Arm Band
  • Aarsi / Thumb Ring / Hath Phool (a bracelet which has rings for all 4 fingers as well as thumb)
  • Keshapasharachana / Hairdo (Braid with Flowers for an accentuated look)
  • Kamarband / Waist band
  • Payal & Bichuas (Anklets & Toe rings in Silver Metal)
  • Itar / Perfume
  • Bridal Dress (Bridal Lehenga Choli / Bridal Saree or Bridal Salwar Kameez)


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